• Grilled Steak Salad

    This delicious and flavorful salad is hearty enough for a main course. It is simple and quick to throw together which makes it a summer time favorite at our house!

  • Grilled Steaks

    Delicious seasoned and grilled steaks.

  • Supreme Enchiladas

    Original Recipe from:

  • Maja\'s Sarma (Dolmades)

    As aired on August 20, 2013
    Recipe courtesy of Chef Bryan Woolley

  • Simply Sensational Cheeseburger

    Nothing says summer like a classic burger from the grill; Here is a basic recipe to make your own.

  • Mini Wonton Tacos

    Simple and sassy appetizer or meal.  Lots of fun to make and eat!

  • Kickin Beef Tacos

    These tacos are simple to make and have a zesty kick your family will love.

  • BBQ Beef Sandwiches

    Simple barbecue beef sandwiches -- just start it in the crock pot in the morning, and you\'ll have a warm and hearty dinner waiting!

  • Simple Beef Stroganoff

    This is a dinner my kids request over and over.  It\'s tangy and fresh taste will have you licking your plate!

  • Meatballs with Rice

    The sauce makes the dish! Note for gluten free diet: Most jarred salsas are gluten free but the occasional brand has thickening agents that may contain gluten.  Good idea to double check the label.

  • BBQ Beef Cups

    These tried and true favorites couldn\'t be tastier or easier!

  • Italian BBQ Sandwiches

    A great twist on a traditional favorite! Serve on a bed of greens instead of buns if you\'re watching your carb intake.

  • Mini Meat Loaves

    So much fun when they are tiny.  Individual sizes your family will love!

  • Italian Flank Steak

    We won\'t tell your guests how easy this delicious steak is to make!  The key is in the marinating and grilling!

  • Hamburger and Corn Casserole

    A quick and easy casserole that is the epitome of comfort food.

  • Meat and Potato Casserole

    A delicious and hearty meal.

  • French Beef Stew

    Great for fall and winter months!

  • Easy Au Jus Sandwiches

    This yummy twist on roast beef is sure to please everyone in your family.  To make them a little fancier serve on nicer buns and add sauteed onions.

  • Portobello Mushroom Burgers

    Portobello mushrooms are the steak of vegetables. Served on a bun with all the fixings, this will fulfill your craving for a great burger!

  • Cheesy Meatloaf

    This is your typical meatloaf jazzed up a little!

  • Best Barbeque Beef Sandwiches

    This smells almost as good as it tastes!

  • Apple Cider Beef Stew

    This is a yummy twist on a traditional beef stew! In their natural form, potatoes are gluten free.  If you have a gluten free diet, make sure to check the label if you choose to use canned potatoes.