• Simplify It

    We want to help you simplify life, not just in the kitchen, but in general.  Here is a compilation of some favorite time and sanity savers. *De-clutter your life!  Start by cleaning out one section of your home and then move to the next. If you haven’t used something for a w

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  • Simplifying Your Home

    Do you feel like you are constantly cleaning, picking up, tidying up, and putting away, yet your home never feels as clean, tidy and organized as you'd like?  Fewer things are more frustrating to me than cleaning and organizing all day and feeling like I have nothing to show for it when I get i

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  • Keeping Food Fresher Longer

    As food prices have skyrocketed, I have become increasingly interested in products that promise to keep my foods fresher longer; especially those meant to preserve fresh produce. It's just so painful to have to throw out those costly fruits and veggies because they ripen and rot faster than my f

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  • Summer ABC's


    If you are in the same boat as I am, the thought of keeping young children busy all summer is a bit overwhelming. I am going to try out an idea my sister-in-law Deb had a few years ago that is fun as well as educational- bonus points for mom! The idea is simple and you can build on

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  • 16 Terrific Uses for your Bounce Dryer Sheets

    I love any product with multiple uses. Turns out that Bounce dryer sheets are the multi-tasking gold mine! This is a product that most of us have in our laundry room, and check out the myriad of uses! 1. Need to keep yellow-jackets and bees away? Forget the bee spray and simply tie a sheet of

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  • Simplify Life

    Not only do we want to help you simplify your mealtime with family, but we want to help you do it on a budget. Planning healthy, simple, budget-conscious meals takes a bit of preparation and planning. But it is definitely doable, and we'll show you how. Planned meals & shopping lists First, p

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