• Taking the Blah Out

    I have decided that January can be quite the blah month. There’s so much hype going into a new year and then once it starts it seems like kind of a letdown if your life is still the same as it was last year. Guess what? It is still the same.  You are still you. You still have the sa

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  • Keeping Consistency in the Down Time

    It’s been a long weekend of holiday fun and no school. I love having down time to enjoy my kiddos and take a breather from schedules. We did some skiing, went to a museum, we even went for a bike ride. I can’t believe it was nice enough to go for a bike ride in January! The o

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  • No Stress Resolution

    It seems like with all the excitement and hype of a new year there is that undercurrent of stress. We are expected to list out every way we are going to attain the things that have eluded us so far. This will be the year I finally…… fill in the blank. I’m all for setting goal

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  • Six Tips for Broiling Steaks in the Oven

    If a grill isn’t handy, broiling steaks is my second favorite way to cook them.  It’s fast, simple and doesn’t leave a mess if you do it right.  Here are a few general rules to follow when broiling your steak.

    1.Steaks will cook better at

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  • Starting Off Positive

    My four children are just a couple of weeks away from starting another year of school. I was talking to my 6 year old daughter last night.  She's starting first grade and I thought she might be nervous about going to school all day.  Nope. She's ready.  The thing she is

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  • Motivational Quotes

    I admit it; I am a sap when it comes to motivational quotes. This morning I read a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson and thought I would share. “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” So true! We never know what life is going to throw at

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  • Brain Food

    I give my kiddos a lot of choices.  What to wear (within reason), what we should make for dinner, etc.  One thing they know they don’t have a choice with is playing the piano.  It’s a must in my book. I was looking at a picture of a brain recently that showed all the dif

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  • Serenity Now

    I am so happy it is summer time!  We took our little family hiking this week for the first time this year. Something about the mountain air, the budding greens and even the dirt had us all feeling renewed and alive.  

  • My Kitchen Must Haves

    I am constantly trying to add variety to the foods I serve my family.  That said, there are some key ingredients I always have on hand.  I love them not just for their flavor but also their versatility.  Hopefully this list will inspire you to see some well-known foods in a new l

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  • My Nine Kitchen Must Haves

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