• Five Simple Ways to Get Spring Cleaning Done Fast
    Created By knumbersonMar-28-2016

    It’s that time of year when the weather and the budding of nature beckons a fresh start.  Spring can be a great time to refocus on diet, exercise and yes, sprucing up our abodes.  It can also be  a busy time of year for many families with Spring sports, field trips

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  • Five Reasons I Use a Frying Pan Instead of a Wok
    Created By knumbersonMar-14-2016


    I love to try out new recipes and duplicate favorite restaurant dishes. Many times this means trying new Chinese recipes. Repeatedly the word 'wok' is in the directions of said recipes. Each time I have made a new Chinese dish for my family they are thrilled that we are eating deli

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  • 6 Ways to Make Resolutions Stick
    Created By knumbersonFeb-01-2016

    Here we are... one month into 2016. Are the new year resolutions sticking? Here are a few tips we hope you will find useful to keep helping you fight your battle.


    1. Give Willpower a workout: Building willpower is like building muscle. Consistently focusing on building will

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  • Tips for a simple but amazing dish presentation!
    Created By knumbersonJan-04-2016

    I went to dinner yesterday at a good friend's house who put out a delicious spread. Have you ever noticed dinner is even better when someone else makes it for you? The food itself was an amazing meal of pot roast, veggies, creamed corn, salad and rolls. What made it even more amazing was her simp

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  • 9 Best Holiday Food Hacks
    Created By knumbersonDec-17-2015


    This time of year it's nice to save time and sanity wherever you can.  Here are nine of our favorite hacks to help you in the kitchen.


    1. Keep your ice cream in a ziplock bag to keep it softer. Great way to avoid freezer burn and make it easier to scoop.

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  • Herb Substitutions
    Created By knumbersonDec-02-2015

    Herb Substitution Chart

    While many recipes call for a specific herb such as basil or rosemary in Italian dishes and cilantro in Mexican cuisine, sometimes a chef needs to do what a chef needs to do.  It may be your grocer is out of a certain herb or that you simply don't care for the

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  • Best Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving
    Created By knumbersonNov-25-2015

    Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be a large serving of fun mixed with a fair portion of anxiety.  So much to think about with the cooking alone, not to mention the seating arrangements, ambiance and clean up after.  Here are some of the best tips we have collected to help you

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  • 5 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen
    Created By knumbersonNov-16-2015

    We recently purchased a house that needed a new kitchen.  While charming, the original 1954 kitchen had little to offer as far as family space and cooking ease. When we first looked at the house I remarked to the seller that I couldn’t see a stove.  Turns out it folded

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  • Sanity Saving Tips in the Kitchen
    Created By knumbersonNov-06-2015

    It's been one of those weeks- three birthdays between my husband and sons, Halloween parades, trick or treating and sugar hangovers. My sanity saving secret? My slow cooker. When I have a crazy week- and I know we all have them- I know that the only thing that makes family dinner happen is planni

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  • A Simple Halloween
    Created By knumbersonOct-30-2015

    I helped with the Halloween party in my fifth graders class yesterday. One mom led a group through a Halloween Ping Pong game. One mom did a bubble gum blowing contest. One mom brought crock pots filled with caramel and white chocolate and each kid made their own sticky, yummy caramel apple. The

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